1. Preservation of agricultural products after harvest

“According to FAO statistics, post-harvest losses in Vietnam are about 10% for seedlings, 10-20% for tubers and 10-30% for vegetables.”

After harvesting, farmers sell agricultural products to traders because there is no preservation technology. Traders often do not have a management system, causing many types of fresh food such as vegetables and fruits to spoil quickly.

We have a solution to store food, agricultural products, aquatic products below -2ºC without freezing, maintain the freshness of the product as it was at the beginning, allow cells to continue to live, make better taste. Inhibits the growth of bacteria by applying INAZUMA fresh keeping technology which is the most advanced technology from Japanese & Hoan Chau JV Partner

2. Strong track record on preservation of seafood, fruit, vegetable products for international trade

INAZUMA Technology Highlight – 2022