1. The World Best – Rice
2. Shirmp Rice has Organic Certified Rice
3. Non content residues of pesticides
4. Checked the quality by SGS and Quatest 3


Our Company building a green and sustainable ecosystem in the trust of all of our customers. Collate with Vietnams universities with this vision to set up agriculture certification apprenticeships. Provide english speaking classes for all that have a interest to learn. Put into action through programs and a focus on preserving and protecting the environment.

Bring the Best Products From Vietnam to the World

TOPPS HOANCHAU JSC excels in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Agriculture, and International Exporting. Our EMS division ensures precision in electronic components, our agriculture practices embrace sustainability, and our globally acclaimed products showcase our commitment to quality in international exporting. Join us in shaping the future with innovation and excellence. 

TOPPS HOANCHAU  stands at the forefont of industry leadership, demostrating unparalleled expertise across diverse sectors, including Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), Agriculture, and International Exporting. Our EMS division is the epitome of precision, seamlessly crafting electronic components that set the standard for quality and reability. Embracing a commitment to sustainability, our agriculture practise redefine industry norms, fostering eco – friendly solutions that pave the way for a greener future.

At the core of our success lies a dedication to excellence, evident in our globally acclaimed products that not only meet but exceed international standards. Through meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation, we consistently deliver on our promise of supperior quality, earning accolades in the competitive arena of international exporting. 

Join us on a journey of shaping the future, where innovation and excellence converge to creat a legacy of sucess. At Topps HoanChau, we invite you to be part of a dynamic team that thrives on pushing boundaries, setting new benchmarks, and contributing to a world where quality, sustainability, and presision reign supreme. Together, let’s build a future that resonates with the hallmarks of progress and distinction. 



We always try to bring the best products from Vietnam especially farm’s products to the World.

HCA team Guide the famers to organic farming methods, Using organic fertilizers, Harvested rice farm. We guarantee the use of only registered organic fertilizer products for all Rice farming.


We support Farmers Factory Help them by design some poster, flyer about Process of Product, Guide to each step clean the vegetable producst after harvested and next to processing and packaging.


HCA Team help connecting farmers’ production with entrepreneurs to buy and sale. In March 2022 our company helped a farm owner who sold nearly 3 tons of watermelon in Ho Chi Minh City, and more specifically, we assisted Dak Nong province in consuming over 10 tons watermelon in last year.


Our company assist you in marketing agricultural products in foreign markets. Concurrently, it will enable people to export goods as an import-export company of Vietnamese agricultural products.