Distributing consumer goods

“The Rapid Change to Omnichannel Retail”

Vietnam‘s retail market is one of the most important sectors of the economy with a scale of 200 billion USD by 2024. Hoan Chau – Asia does not want to stay out of this competition. With a team of young, intelligent, visionary leaders with deep understanding of the domestic market as well as many years of commercial business experience.

Hoan Chau – Asia has the advantage of having business relationships with more than 900 retail stores throughout Ho Chi Minh City. This is where our products will enter the retail market and reach the end user.

The market will be divided into 4 segments

Hotels & restaurants

Mainly vegetables, gas, rice and mineral water

Traditional convenience store

Mainly UNILIVER products, rice, coffee, mineral water

End consumers

Mainly gas, rice and vegetables.

Online customers

Customers can access our e-commerce at or download apps from Android and Apple stores to order all products for their daily needs.

Our business model will be run asfollows: