Agriculture Hoan Chau is related to Hoan Chau Group. Agriculture Hoan Chau specializes in the construction of unique agriculture and agroindustrial projects relating to farming, farmers, manufacturers of farm equipment, and importers and exporters of farm products in Vietnam’s rural areas.

Agriculture Hoan Chau is an A to Z leading integration company with the capacity to adjust itself to the conditions in each province of the country. Agriculture Hoan Chau manages diverse farming projects impacting the lives of thousands, and is committed to providing people with new opportunities. What Agriculture Hoan Chau cherish most is the wealth that our projects bring to the community and to our customers. From the first day of planning the project, we feel connected to the community, connected to the environment in which the project is about to be placed. We feel that besides the business, we are there for the people that will benefit from the project, both directly and indirectly, starting from our customers and its personnel up to the service suppliers and consumers.

Agriculture Hoan Chau collaborates with local populations, engaging them in provincial agricultural operations and projects by creating job opportunities during the projects.

The company focuses on to serve Individuals in the general community. The effort is through the creation of a reliable market with high-quality farm products that create satisfaction to both the consumers and small-scale farmers.

Agriculture is constantly evolving, and we want to meet the challenges of a changing world by promoting continual education and training to build on our talents and develop new skills on the best use of available resources among the members of company’s value chain.