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About Us



Hoan Chau Co Ltd is a Private Limited Company Registered under Enterprise Law of 2005. Founded in 2008, Hoan Chau has been engaged the business in supplying fried, cooked, fresh & frozen agricultural products originally from Vietnam. The Company is located and operates at 851 – 853 Le Hong Phong Street, District 10, HCMC, Vietnam; with Production Unit located at Long Hau Industrial Park, Long An Province, Vietnam.

Dedication to provide customers, partners and stakeholders with spirit of responsibility, professionalism, and scientific method; considering the interests and development of the customer as the subject governing all activities of the enterprise; becoming a close and trusted companion of customers in the fields of agriculture, investment, healthcare, construction, and education.

Our vision is put into action through programs and a focus on preserving and protecting the environment, activities to create a better everyday life for many people, and a commitment to build added value for the community by making Hoan Chau Group a truly sustainable enterprise. At Hoan Chau Group, we're committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society.

Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy is built on resilience, courage and trust that

Protecting the environment
Improving the lives of our team members
Conducting business with integrity

Core Values


Acting with integrity not only helps show Hoan Chau Group’s managers being capable of handling responsibilities, it also helps foster a positive company culture


A manager in Hoan Chau is asked to be bold – in the name for that thing he has to summon up every time he jumps at a deal or an opportunity before he feels “ready.”

Commitment to Customers

Our Hoan Chau enterprise is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, listening to customer requests and being reachable at all times.


Passion is the fuel that drives every entrepreneur, the risks are great and the rewards are unknown. It is the passion that keeps you going during the times where nothing seems to go your way.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning, also known as constant learning, is the concept of always expanding your knowledge to gain new skills and expertise.

Constant Improvement

‘Kaizen’ is the Japanese word for “good change” (Kai = change, Zen = good), and describes the continuous improvement of all corporate functions, at all levels of the hierarchy


With Hoan Chau’s Board of Management, a vision is a realistic, convincing and attractive depiction of where you want to be in the future

Total Quality Management

Customer-focused; Total employee involvement; Process-centered; Integrated system; Strategic and systematic approach; Continual improvement;  Fact-based decision making; Communications

Our Activities

With our missions and visions, for many years, Hoan Chau expending business expanding products of industry at the moment. We touched many markets like USA, Europe, Middle East, Canada, Asia

Medical system and devices

Our mission for improve people health, Hoan Chau invested for produce high quali...


Agriculture Hoan Chau specializes in the construction of unique agriculture and...


Drugs order-flow media-space corporation boy Tokyo long-chain hydrocarbons carbo...


Drugs order-flow media-space corporation boy Tokyo long-chain hydrocarbons carbo...


Healthcare Hoan Chau is banking upon its experience in providing Herbal Extracts...


Since 2010, we, Construction Hoan Chau (Hoan Chau & Dong Do Corp.) have been st...

Our markets

For many years, Hoan Chau products exported to many markets:  EU, US, Canada, Middle East, China, Russia, South America, ...

Our Opened Timeline

  • 2008

    Hoan Chau Co Ltd founded

    Ms. Chau Dinh founded Hoan Chau on 2008 with her passion and ambition for world better

  • 2012

    Clévie Company Ltd founded

    Hoan Chau continue to invest on agriculture by created member company Clévie Co., Ltd

  • 2014

    Hao Bio Co., Ltd

    Hoan Chau cooperate with Hao Bio Co., Ltd to invest USD 500.000 for manufacturer of Liquid Fertilizer And Gasification in South Korea

  • 2015

    Interlight Vietnam Company Ltd

    Hoan Chau cooperate with Korean partner to produce high technology devices like camera, solar battery, ...

  • 2016

    Highland Development Company Ltd

    Highland Development Company Limited is an agricultural company which specializes in providing high quality organic agricultural products to consumers. As a member

Our Facilities

Our well-equipped production plant is GMP certified to manufacture

Our facts

For many years development, now Hoan Chau proud to show you our achievement






Countries exported


Global customers

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