Sweet Potato Japan Breeding

Sweet Potato Japanese Breeding

Sweet Potato Japan Breeding

Sweetpotato is an outcrossing hexaploid that is cultivated in the tropics and warm-temperate regions of the world. Sweetpotato has played an important role as a famine-relief crop during its long history and has recently been reevaluated as a health-promoting food.


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Specification: Purple skin, Purple/ yellow flesh. Washed & Cleaned.

Size: 80-500grs/pcs

Export standard: Intact form, good uniformity, no cracks, no black part or rotten part, no pesticide residue.

Packing: 5-10kg/ Carton, Carton (Heavy) Boxes, 5 ply

Load: 20MT/cont40’ FCL

Season: Feb – March & July – August