Pomelo species is of small trees, perennial life. High vitamin C

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Pomelos or Pummelos are the largest of all citrus fruits. It prefers hot and humid tropical climates. It cannot grow well in high altitude (above 400 m) or in cooler climates. It tolerates a wide range of soils from coarse sand to heavy clay, but deep, medium-textured, fertile soil free from injurious salts is preferred.

In Vietnam, there are many tasty varieties of pomelo. Ordinarily, the pomelo is named for the locality where it is grown. For example, in the North, there is the Doan Hung pomelo (Phu Tho Province), in the Central there is the Phuc Trach pomelo (Ha Tinh Province), and in the South there is the Tan Trieu pomelo (Bien Hoa Province).

In Vietnam production is mostly in the South, although some cultivars can be grown in the Central areas and even the North (as in Ninh Binh province). There is a little difference in coloration among the cultivars grown at different sites; for instance, those grown in the North give yellow color but those grown in the South remain green. The composition of fruits grown in any location of the country is the same. They also have the thickest rind, which is beneficial in keeping and transport.

Main production areas in Vietnam are Vinh Long, Ben Tre, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Hue, Phu Tho, and Ha Tinh provinces and Hanoi. The total area under pummelo cultivation in Vietnam (2000) is 8,170 ha, of which 5, 000 ha produce fruit with annual production of 50,000 tonnes.

Specification: Green skin, pink flesh.
Size: 800 grams/pcs up
Packing: 1pc/mesh bag or PE bag x 10 / carton.
Season: July – August & Dec – Jan.