Green Banana

Green Banana Vietnam

Green Banana

These green, firm bananas are made up mostly of starch which takes up about 80 percent of the fruit’s dry weight, and much of the starch is resistant starch.

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Adding green bananas to diet can help you lose unwanted weight because they contain resistant starch that helps keep you full, thus helping you reduce calorie consumption. This type of starch blocks excess consumption of carbs and promotes the use of fat as an energy source, thus promoting weight loss.

Color: Green
Diameter: 2,5 – 3,5 – 4.5cm
Length: 15 – 25 – 29 cm
Age of harvest: 9 – 11 weeks (depend on the distance & transit time)
Size: Grade A: 4,5,6 hands; Grade B: 7,8,9 hands per carton box
Regular hands pack: Minimum of 12 fingers per hand.
Cluster pack: Minimum of 5 fingers to Maximum of 11 fingers per hand.

Functional leaves: 4 leaves Minimum

Weight range per hand:

– 4 Hands 3 KG Minimum – 4 KG Maximum
– 5 Hands 2.5 KG Minimum – 3 KG Maximum
– 6 Hands 2 KG Minimum – 2.5 KG Maximum

Weight carton box: 13.5 kg -18.5 kg weight (depend on buyer’s request)

Packaging Details:

– Carton (Heavy) Boxes, Bottom 5 ply and Top 3 ply, 4 to 7 forms,
– Vacuum packed in Plastic bag, 2 stickers per hand,
– 100% Vacuum Pack with PE bag (Ethylene Absorber Sachet)
– One 40’ Reef container: About 21-22 MT/cont 40’RF
Capacity: 10 x 40’RF container / week
Delivery: Within 10-15 days after deposit or L/C date
Loading port: Ho chi minh port / Hai Phong port
Temperature: 13-13.5 degree

Payment: L/C at sight 100% irrevocable or 30% TT in advance and balance against copy docs


Sweet, Fragrant flavors, Rich Vitamins, mineral, and protein.
Crude fiber and many other micro-nutrition.

Quality defects tolerance:

OLD BRUISE: Scars healed and old point scars no more than 2.0 fingers were affected per hand with no more than ½ sq. per finger.

Provide the defect to do not penetrate the pulp.

MATURITY STAIN: No more than 2.0 fingers were affected per hand and with no more than 1.8 sq. cm. per finger.

FRESHLY FINGERED: Two layered with fingers, one in inner whorl and two in outside whorl provided that the finger removed will not be opposite to each other.

RED RUST: No more than 2.0 fingers were affected per hand.

LEAF SCARS: No more than 2.0 fingers were affected per hand with no more than 0.25 sq. cm. per finger or slight degree based on template.

SEASON: May – Oct

Reference Nutrition Facts – Cavendish Banana




0 mg

Total Fat

0 g


0 g


0 g


0 g


0 g


1 g

Total Carbs

23 g


12 g

Dietary Fiber

3 g


360 mg


0 mg

Vitamin A





           371 kJ (89 kcal)


                             22.84 g


                             12.23 g

Dietary fibre

                                   2.6 g


Thiamine (B1)

                          (3%)                     0.031 mg

Riboflavin (B2)

                            (6%)                      0.073 mg

Niacin (B3)

                            (4%)                      0.665 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5)

                            (7%)                      0.334 mg

Vitamin B6

                            (31%)                        0.4 mg

Folate (B9)      

                             (5%)                         9.8 mg

Vitamin C

                             (10%)                       8.7 mg

Trace metals

                             (2%)                       0.26 mg



                           (8%)                           27 mg


                           (13%)                    0.27 mg


                             (3%)                          22 mg


                           (8%)                         358 mg


                            (0%)                            1 mg


                         (2%)                        0.15 mg


2.2 µg