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HoanChau Salted Green Caviar Manufacture Process Featured

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HoanChau Salted Green Caviar Manufacture Process 

People call Sea Grape with a beautiful name of Green Caviar. We farm sea grapes in large area next to the sea by using pure ocean water. The farming water is daily changed to maintain good developing environment, as well as quality input materials from the deep blue sea that ensure sea grape growth best.

Maturing Green Caviar is ready for harvest after 3-4 months of planting. Fresh raw Sea Grapes collected from the farm are processed through 6 steps to meet required exporting conditions. Fresh Green Caviar can be used directly within 10 days only. It must be kept in closed box, at dry place, and at room temperature. Do not put it in the fridge under any circumstances.

Green Caviar is not easy to grow up, and, naturally, it needs around 4-6 months to well mature. Some cruel farmers, due to money, illegally, use chemicals or chicken manure to push up sea grape development. Terribly, it can rise super quickly around 10-20 days only. Then, unhealthy finished sea grapes are sold at very cheap prices.

However, you are 100% secured by our Green Caviar because we grow it naturally with no chemicals at all. By choosing good farming regions, regularly changing seawater in–out, and keeping constant good living conditions of both the ocean and the sea grape, our Green Caviar well-grows. We always select quality safe factors to make sure it organic and well nurtured.

Thus, a partner to co-operate with is the most important key to have best products.

Because of short shelf life of Fresh Sea Grape, we have successfully made the Salted that can be stored and used more than 6 months at range of 18-22 Celsius degree or more than a year at temperature of 15-18 Celsius degree (in fridge). We use salt only to salt sea grape. It need 3kg of the fresh to produce 1kg of the salted product.

To use Salted Green Caviar, we gently wash it under clean water flow to refresh it and decrease the salty. Afterward, we put it in the cold ice water or on top of ice to taste. It is crispy and very overjoyed. When reviving the Salted Sea Grapes, we can have around 2.7 kg of the fresh one relying on our skills and experience.

If we do not eat it after 30 minutes since the refreshing, it can goes to sleep again. Yet, it is still good and can eat as normal. We can lay it on the soup, make smoothies, or even use it for cosmetic (be sure it no salt, blend it alone or with other suitable components as your purposes, and use the mixture for our face or body like a mask).

Sea Grapes has plenty of beneficial minerals, nature Iodine, vitamins, Calcium, vital unsaturated fatty acids for human (AA, LA, DHA, EPA, ALA) and others.

Japanese people call it a “longevity seaweeds”.

Having quality product with truly organic factor that depends on your partner.

We create and use our finished products for sales, moreover, for ourselves as well as our family. Highly caring about human health, and continuously attempting to deliver all people the really best food stuffs is our HoanChau core mission.


Hotline: 0168 686 8888 – Email: sales@hoanchau.com


Further information of cooking tips, please refer our Chef Corner and Enjoy!

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