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Somewhere in our city still exist many unhappiness people in the dark small street, on some lavish and majestic roads, in the sewers, tunnel even the roads with chaos of life and something like that. There are the people within deep eyes and little dreams for a peaceful life where can shade rainy and sunny day.... For not picked up many piece of cake from ground or in garbage gab inside street.

mid1For beloved ones…

However, all this little dreams, it seem to be far away with all unhappiness people. With the strong spirit and the deep love from bottom of our heart, HoanChau would like to do some activities for sharing diffilculty and sorrow. We would like to bring a little joy for the poor, the unfortunate and the miserable on this Mid-Autum Festival.

HoanChau really hope to receive all your contribution no matter how or what it is (spirit or any material). We promise that all of your great gifts will be well delivered to all people need helping.