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The beneficial unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA, AA, EPA play an important role for the formation and development of childen’s brain, neural system, vision and muscles. 


Diabetics need higher amounts of vitamin C than ordinary people so that the intracellular vitamin C will not be in shortage. Because the lack of chronic intracellular vitamin C will lead to many problems such as increasing vascular permeability, delaying wound healing, rising cholesterol in blood, declining immune system.


Sea grape has less sugar but rich in essential nutrients for the body such as calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, vegetable protein, vitamin A, C and unsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial such as AA, LA, DHA, EPA and ALA. 


Protein and fatty acid in sea grapes are more than in many other vegetables and fruits. 100g sea grape only contains about 30mg sugar but about 966mg protein and 150mg fatty acids.


The dishes that are made from seaweed are always fascinating. These are nourishment with high nutrition value and may help prevent people from some diseases. The following article will help you understand it more clearly.


Recently, the Nha Trang Oceanography Institute has successfully tested sea grape growing. Sea grape is a species of plant that not only has high value in export but also has the ability to improve the marine environment.