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Many studies showed that vitamin C concentration in blood is inverse to blood pressure. People with high blood pressure absorb vitamin C via food which reduces effectively blood pressure thanks to the blacklead excertion promotion of this vitamin. 


Sea grape which is less sugar but rich in essential nutrients for the body, purifies the body, brings you beautiful skin and silky soft hair. It not only protects you from obesity, goiter, constipation, osteoarthritis diseases, high blood pressure, but also increases longevity, anti-aging, eye complementary, heart healthy.


Unlike many other vegetables, sea grape is rich in iodine. There is approximately 1.9mg iodine in 100g sea grapes and this content is higher than many types of marine fisheries. A few dozen grams of sea grape is enough to supply essential content of iodine for thyroid function, preventing people from goitre, mental retardation, dry skin, hair loss.


Sea grape is very rich in vitamin C and fatty acids. These are important and essential nutrients that are recommended for cancer treatment.