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Put 10 branches of sea grapes in a clean cloth, crush it and lather the sea grape’ slime over the face, then apply the flesh up to the eyes, now you have a nourishing pure natural mask for skin that helps to improve skin and slow the aging process.

Fatty nutrition in sea grape protects cell membranes, improves elasticity and lowers the permeability of the circuit curb that helps reduce dry skin symptoms. Besides, plentiful vitamin A and C in sea grapes helps excrete the slime, produce collagen and prevent oxidants. Your skin will become bright, smooth, firm and fresh just after 15 minutes.

Using sea grapes for a long time helps skin rosy and smooth thanks to a lot of vitamins and minerals in sea grape’s ingredient. As a natural cosmetic, you can take water by squeezing sea grapes, then lather and massage lightly over the body. This helps ventilate pores, strengthen the process of metabolism of the skin, leaving it softer.