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Many studies showed that vitamin C concentration in blood is inverse to blood pressure. People with high blood pressure absorb vitamin C via food which reduces effectively blood pressure thanks to the blacklead excertion promotion of this vitamin. 

In addition, there are 2 matters: calcium and potassium in sea grapes that are against high blood preesure.


With these elements, sea grape is a kind of food that helps maintain a normal blood pressure for people with high blood pressure.

Because the fat content in sea grape is quite high (about 150mg fat matter in 100g sea grape), sea grape has high viscosity than some other seaweeds. This fat matter is the important energy and nutrient reserves for human body. 

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Analysis results show that fat matter in sea grape contains many beneficial unsaturated fatty acids, especially AA, LA, DHA, EPA, ALA which belong to group omega 6 and omega 3. These fatty acids play an important role for the activity of vital organs such as brain, nerves, eyes, heart. Especially, EPA fatty acids are typically found in cold water fish like tuna, salmon ...and rarely found in vegetables, nuts. This acid not only has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, but also has antiinflammatory features which are very good for adults.