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Sea grape which is less sugar but rich in essential nutrients for the body, purifies the body, brings you beautiful skin and silky soft hair. It not only protects you from obesity, goiter, constipation, osteoarthritis diseases, high blood pressure, but also increases longevity, anti-aging, eye complementary, heart healthy.

Sea grape is also used to make many vegetarian dishes and suitable for dieters and weight loss. This article will bring us tips how to preserve and use sea grapes to get the best effects for the body.

• Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.

• Do not store fresh seagrapes in the refrigerator.

• Soak the sea grapes about 5-10 minutes to reduce the saltiness of the sea.

• Only use enough quantity of sea grapes to soak, close the lid tightly.

• Soak sea grapes in ice water or put it on ice when using to increase the crispness.

• Do not cook or fry on high heat to avoid making sea grapes shrink.

ngam rong nho2

Fresh sea grapes:

• Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight (not the refrigerator)

• Before eating, remove seaweed soaked raisins in water for about 10-15 minutes to release less salt then processed into food, may want more crunchy pickled with ice.

rong-nho-xkDried sea grapes:

• Store in a cool bin of refrigerator.

• Soak dried sea grapes into water for 3-5 minutes after eating, sea grapes will dilate and be fresh.