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Rolled Vegetable with Sea Grape

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300g squash, 150g pumpkin

100g spinach, 150g cabbage

50g ganoderma mushroom

50g sea grapes

150g carrots

10g flavoring, 10g salt, 5g flour, 5g cooking oil

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How to do:

Step 1: The exterior tegument: Steam squash and pumpkin, then cut slightly for rolling.

Step 2: The inner core: Steam and cut into pieces the cabbage and ganoderma mushroom.

Step 3: Sauce making: Puree carrots, then boil it with flavoring, salt, flour and cooking oil.

Put cut squash and pumpkin at the bottom, put the core with steamed cabbage and ganoderma mushroom in middle, then roll it all.

Decorate the dish with spinaches and sea grapes, paste the sauce over the top.

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