Mosaic sushi roll is more of a work of art than food, but it is damn delicious art. Even though it looks extremely complicated it is actually very simple to make food recipe.
You start by making two spiral sushi rolls one with masago eggs and the other with masago marinated in wasabi paste to give it the eye popping green color. Then you cut the spiral sushi rolls in to quarter's length wise, now you assemble the roll by placing two of the quarters opposing each other to create a V shape between them. Add some avocado slices then some tuna followed by some more avocado slices and 2 more quarters of the spiral sushi rolls. Now you simply wrap this structure in nori seaweed paper. Leave it to rest for 10 minutes so the moisture contracts the nori, compressing the roll.
After the mosaic sushi roll has rested cut the roll using an extremely sharp knife.

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