About Us

Founded in 2008, Hoanchau Investment Co Ltd (HCI) has been engaged the business in supplying frozen seafood and agricultural products originally from Vietnam. Within only 3 years, HCI became one of the top 50 seafood exporters in Vietnam thanks to our consistent quality, stable quantity and dedicated services.

Inception from partnership with farming raw material- Pangasius Hypothalamus – over 8 years before exporting activities, we have generated rich knowledge and greater awareness in supplying Pangasius Hypothalamus products. The core values underpin our organization include of continuous innovation, providing sustainability products and endeavoring to exceed customer expectations in quality of services and products.

HCI has introduced many new product lines (Pangasius, Sillago, Prawn, and other value added products, etc.) to complement our services and enrich your choices every year. HCI honorably has trust from worldwide clients such as Germany, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Philippine, Thailand, China, India etc.

With the deep-understanding of the local market and capital investments in farm and factories, HCI owns a solid system of processing plants with assurance by large farming areas (Global Gap standard) to offer you a stable supplying source. In addition, our strong and professional quality management team gives best control on our partner plants, which meet high international standard for hygiene and safety food. Our processing plants obtained quality certification such as: HACCP, BRC, HALAL, ISO 22000, IFS, and GLOBAL GAP.

Our prestige partner plants approved EU codes, including DL 126, DL 717, DL 01, DL 157 and DL 239. We have done all this by relying on you, our loyal customers. Our passion and professional ensure you a success.